Travelling With Hearing Loss, and Now Face Masks – Pt. 2
Meghna Joshi July 1, 2021
In our last blog post, we addressed what steps people who experience hearing loss can take to make travel more comfortable. Let’s now take a look at what airline staff can do to assist hearing-impaired people while traveling.  1. CLEAR FACE MASKS International travel signifies fun, exp...
Travelling With Hearing Loss, and Now Face Masks – Pt. 1
Meghna Joshi July 1, 2021
At Hearing Aid Clinics, we’re dedicated to making auditory health services more accessible by providing free neighbourhood hearing tests, or even online and private at-home evaluations. Part of fully honouring our commitment involves raising awareness about societal attitudes towards hearing loss...
How to Assess Your Hearing at Home
Meghna Joshi June 30, 2021
Can a hearing test be done at home? Absolutely! You can always test your hearing from the comfort of your four walls if you do not want to visit an audiologist in-person at a clinic near you. We’ll take you through 3 different options you can exercise. 1. Teleconsultation using a hearing test ...
What is Tinnitus and Why Should I Get a Hearing Test to Check for it?
Sam June 30, 2021
That ringing in your ears…that nobody else can hear, but you hear all the time – that’s tinnitus. Everyone’s experienced temporary tinnitus at some point, say when you come back home from a loud concert, but persistent tinnitus should be checked up by a hearing professional immediately. What i...
Hearing Aids vs. Cochlear implants: Which Hearing Loss Treatment is Right For You?
Sam June 30, 2021
Both hearing aids and cochlear implants can help with hearing loss. While cochlear implants and hearing aids might seem to have the same function, they are two very different hearing devices. What’s the difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants? Hearing aids Hearing aids are non...

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