Author: Meghna Joshi

Travelling With Hearing Loss, and Now Face Masks – Pt. 2
Meghna Joshi July 1, 2021
In our last blog post, we addressed what steps people who experience hearing loss can take to make travel more comfortable. Let’s now take a look at what airline staff can do to assist hearing-impaired people while traveling.  1. CLEAR FACE MASKS International travel signifies fun, exp...
Travelling With Hearing Loss, and Now Face Masks – Pt. 1
Meghna Joshi July 1, 2021
At Hearing Aid Clinics, we’re dedicated to making auditory health services more accessible by providing free neighbourhood hearing tests, or even online and private at-home evaluations. Part of fully honouring our commitment involves raising awareness about societal attitudes towards hearing loss...
How to Assess Your Hearing at Home
Meghna Joshi June 30, 2021
Can a hearing test be done at home? Absolutely! You can always test your hearing from the comfort of your four walls if you do not want to visit an audiologist in-person at a clinic near you. We’ll take you through 3 different options you can exercise. 1. Teleconsultation using a hearing test ...

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